September 2018  
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Community Meal
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Ad Council
6:00 PM
every third Thursday
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Change happens all the time…unless you’re dead. Sorry to be so blunt! Transition can be planned and intentional, chaotic and surprising… it’s an internal and external process. Be ready.

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome you’ve given me as your intentional interim minister. Thanks, too, for Pastor Brent’s ministry as he served Sandpoint UMC well in the last year and a half. We will continue the good work he has started. God is doing a new thing all the time, in spite of what Ecclesiastes might say.

“What has been will be, what has been done is what will be done and there is nothing new under the sun.”

Okay, maybe for some this is the first pastoral transition: for others, it’s happened often. Even if we we’ve been here before, it’s like the spiral going upward, coming back around and going upward again. We’ve had Thanksgiving before, too….and we will again. What will be new this time? And, what about our preparation for the coming of the Christ child during Advent, and Christmastime? You are different! You are not the same as you were last year.

As the new-year comes, God willing, we celebrate that time passes and we still share the message of salvation we know through our faith in Jesus the Christ. What has been done we will keep so it will reach more people in this hurting world, we will focus on what is life giving and joyful.

That’s why we will invite everyone back and send the invitation out anew---to sing, to celebrate, to baptize and support families, to cook and create a hospitable warm place for nourishing meal and welcome. To offer the scriptures in worship and study, to make ancient promises come true in our lifetimes. Celebration, communion, community, connection ---we will remember our United Methodist roots, reclaim this church’s purpose and personality! We will prepare the way for the settled pastor who will join your community at the proper time. Let’s get ready for what God will do next.

In love,

Pastor Brenda