September 2018  
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Pastor’s Perspective

Are You Shining the Light?

You might be the only Jesus that people know or see!

What will you show them?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

It is a sad thing that most of us, me included, who claim to be Christians are often poor examples of what a follower of Christ should be.

Can you imagine what our world would be like if all of us Christians really began to live more like Christ each day?

What if we all really were living as the Light of the World?

The Pew Research Center estimates the number of Christians worldwide to be about 2,180,000,000 in 2010. Okay, that was a few years ago, but let’s use that number.

Can you fathom how many people that is?

Lay out 218 toothpicks on your table to see how many people that represents, now imagine that number multiplied 10 times, got that?

Now multiply that new amount 1000 times. Starting to get big, right?

Okay, multiply that huge number 1000 times! That’s 2.18 billion!

Now imagine if every single one of those Christians put away hatred and petty grudges, turned away from jealousy and envy, began to forgive completely and to love one another more like Jesus loves us!

I know many of you are working to be more like Jesus, but if you are like me, it won’t hurt you to rededicate yourself to growth in that endeavor every day!

What if all Christians did that?

What if every Christian in the world today decided to live in the Love of Christ?

What if every Christian in the world today decided to look out for the welfare of others before themselves?

What if every Christian in the world today decided to leave judgment up to God and to begin Loving the way He told us to?

What if every Christian began living a life of Love and service to his neighbors?

What if every Christian began forgiving others and living in Love?

The whole world would be transformed almost overnight!

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please Bless Christians all over the world and help us all to be more like

you every day! Lord, help us to really shine your light around the world! Light our hearts on fire for your Love and let us show it! Lord we want a global revival and we want to transform this world in the image of the Love you  showed us! Please help us Jesus! We Love You!

In your beautiful name Jesus Christ!


Love First…Love Always

Pastor Brent